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About Us, an Online Shop for 3D Printer Filament.

Hello, and thank you for taking the time to read about 3D fanshop and how this webshop, offering a wide range of 3D printer filament such as PLA, PETG, ABS, flexible filament, etc., came to be.

Webshop for 3D Printer Filament

As a web developer, I have had the opportunity to create many webshops for both large and small brands. When delivering a webshop, I always thought to myself that, apart from designing and developing it, it would be really fun to manage it. I just never had any idea of what I should sell. I now realize that something like that cannot be forced. It has to emerge, out of passion or need.

3D Printing Offers Limitless Possibilities

A few years ago, a colleague sparked my enthusiasm for 3D printing. After that, I started taking cautious steps into this world. I bought my first 3D printer, which is well known to many, a Creality Ender 3. This printer is characterized by its excellent price-to-quality ratio and it can teach you the basics of a 3D printer. From manually leveling the heated bed to printing various objects, this hobby became a satisfying creative outlet for me. I became more and more captivated by the endless possibilities.

As time went on and I had made all possible upgrades to the Ender 3 that I could think of, I felt it was time to take the next step. I was so impressed by all the stories and reviews that, in addition to my Creality 3D printer, I bought a new printer. A Prusa i3 mk3s. It's a true all-rounder and a well-known name in the 3D world. Soon after, I got the Prusa multimaterial upgrade, the MMU2S. Even more possibilities, as I could now create multicolor prints.

"The experience starts with unboxing the filament, a premium feeling!"

Filament for Your 3D Printer, Essential for Quality Prints

Over time, I realized that using the right filament makes a world of difference in the final result of a 3D print. All that time, I was using simple and generic filaments, what I call "budget-friendly" options. The results varied from decent to terrible. Soon after, I discovered through YouTube that a certain brand stood out when it came to flexible filament. I wanted to experiment with it, so I decided to purchase a spool. It was Fiberlogy Fiberflex 30D in black. This filament is the counterpart to the more well-known ninjaflex. After a long wait, I received the spool and I was instantly sold. Apart from the incredibly beautiful results with this tricky-to-print flexible filament, even the spool itself was visually appealing. You might think, it's just a spool. But the experience starts with unboxing the filament, giving you a truly premium feeling. And then the results, astonishing! It's something remarkable.

3D fanshop

That's when it all fell into place for me. I wanted to share this with my 3D printing friends, to share my experiences with them. However, this filament was difficult to obtain in the Netherlands and Belgium - it was expensive and had long delivery times. So, I took the plunge and contacted Fiberlogy. I got involved, started building what is now 3D fanshop. I'm proud of it and I followed my passion and my need. Not only for myself, but also for everyone who shares the same passion.

Don't expect a large company with dozens of employees, but I do everything I can to provide a service that no one else can match! If you have any questions, want to order a special type of filament, or have any other comments, feel free to contact me!

Enjoy your next purchase!

- Ferry de Jong

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