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About Fiberlogy filament

Fiberlogy was founded in and operates from Poland. With a modern production line and the expertise of technologists, Fiberlogy is able to offer filaments with unique properties and parameters for FFF/FDM printers.

Years of experience in plastic processing and profile extrusion, along with dedication to testing new materials and new production possibilities, allow Fiberlogy to achieve stunning results. The filaments have excellent features such as a diameter tolerance of +/- 0.02mm and oval tolerance of + 0.01mm.

All these efforts have resulted in Fiberlogy receiving multiple awards.


Fiberlogy develops filaments with different properties suitable for various applications. The products can be used in different industries, from architecture to children's toys. To meet customer needs, the range is continuously expanded with new filaments and their unique properties. This is all possible thanks to the highly advanced production line and highly qualified technicians.


Fiberlogy filaments are produced by high-quality machines using high-quality raw materials. Every effort is made to ensure that the production process meets all standards, resulting in high-quality end products. The materials are given the best possible protection to prevent any mechanical damage during transport or from unfavorable external factors.


Fiberlogy invests in the latest technologies and innovative production techniques, stays up to date with the latest trends, and aims to set the standard for the 3D printing market. Fiberlogy produces filaments from the best available raw materials, offering unique properties. This way, the range can be adapted to the ever-changing world and the need to make 3D printing even easier and more accessible.

Raw materials for filament

When choosing raw materials for production, Fiberlogy relies on proven sources. They collaborate with companies in different countries to select materials characterized by the best parameters. They control the raw materials at every stage for quality - first during production, and then during printing - to ensure that the finished filament is of the highest quality.

Different stages in filament development

There are many stages in the making of a filament. First, the raw materials are prepared. Then the filament is made, wound onto the spool, and finally sealed airtight. During each of these stages, Fiberlogy follows extensive quality control procedures to ensure no impurities enter the filaments. The filament diameter is continuously measured using a laser micrometer, ensuring the best size tolerance. This size tolerance is always stated on the box.

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