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PETG filament / PCTG filament

PETG filament is a filament with good mechanical properties for strong objects. PCTG filament is a new, improved, and even stronger variant.

Our range consists of Fiberlogy PETG, Fiberlogy Easy PETG, and new in our range, our own brand, Fill 3D PETG. With Fiberlogy PETG, you have a premium filament in your hands with a diameter tolerance of 0.02 mm and a roundness tolerance of 0.01 mm. Fiberlogy Easy PETG, a unique and easy-to-print filament, is available on the familiar white spool as well as a refill. Fill 3D PETG is a high-quality and affordable alternative that is available in fantastic (transparent) colors and is easy to print without any problems. In addition to PETG, we have also added Fiberlogy PCTG filament to our range. This new high-quality filament is an improved version of PETG filament that is even stronger and more user-friendly. Lees meer …

What is PETG filament?

PETG is an abbreviation of the complex term Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol, quite a mouthful. PETG filament, along with PLA, is one of the most popular filaments used for 3D printing. It is a strong and somewhat flexible filament, stronger than PLA filament, for example. PETG is a Glycol-modified variant of PET. PET is known to everyone from PET bottles and can be completely recycled after use. PET is used worldwide in millions of products and applications. While PET can become partially opaque as it cools, the G in PETG filament ensures that the filament remains transparent and a lower temperature is required to melt it. Due to these properties, PETG filament is smooth, easily flowable, and therefore very suitable for printing at higher speeds. No shape is too crazy.

Why and when should you choose PETG filament?

The choice for PETG is an easy one. PETG filament is suitable for most projects. Due to the properties of PETG, you can truly print anything, and it is also very strong. The temperature at which PETG will deform is much higher than PLA. All of this makes PETG filament the first choice for many makers.

Advantages of PETG filament:

  • Easy to print with.
  • Available in many colors, including some beautiful transparent variants.
  • Various applications.
  • A heated bed is recommended but not necessary.
  • Durable.
  • PETG is suitable for food and edibles due to its compact structure (known as Food safe).
  • No toxic substances are released during printing.
  • Almost odorless.
  • Strong adhesion between layers as well as on the print surface.
  • Available in many colors.
  • Easy to post-process. For example, sanding or painting.

Applications for PETG filament:

PETG filament has many fun and functional applications. It is very suitable for most 3D printing projects. Here are some examples:

  • Toys: figures, animals, constructions, houses, vehicles, dice.
  • Components: containers, holders, food containers.
  • Prototypes: bottles, packaging.
  • Electronics: cases, housings.
  • Decorations: lamps, vases, and other glass-like elements.
  • Jewelry: rings, necklaces, bracelets.

What to consider when using PETG filament

While PLA is really user-friendly, printing with PETG requires a bit more attention. Nevertheless, it is still a very easy filament to use, but for example, you need to ensure that your printer can withstand higher temperatures. The temperature for the hot end for printing with PETG filament is between 230°C and 250°C. An all-metal hot end is very suitable for this, or a good heat-resistant tube that goes into the hot end. Most printers are already equipped with a hot end that can print PETG without any problems. PETG filament is also slightly more liquid than PLA, which means it tends to cause stringing. These are threads that appear between different spots on your 3D print, caused by filament oozing during the movement of the hot end. This can be completely prevented by properly setting up your printer, including retraction and calibrating your e-steps. There is plenty of information available online about this.

Fiberlogy Easy PETG, a premium PETG filament with unparalleled features

As mentioned earlier, printing with PETG can sometimes present some challenges for beginners. However, these are a thing of the past when you choose Fiberlogy Easy PETG. The name "easy" says it all. With their recipe, Fiberlogy has made it easy to print PETG with the same advantages as PLA. You will be amazed by the fantastic quality of this filament. We have many colors in stock, from standard colors or transparent colors to spectacular colors like Onyx or Silver. With a diameter tolerance of just 0.02 mm and a roundness tolerance of 0.01 mm, both the normal PETG and Easy PETG from Fiberlogy are of an unprecedented quality that is often not reached by other manufacturers. Experience it for yourself and be as convinced as we are about Fiberlogy Easy PETG filament.

Get a reliable, high-quality, and affordable PETG filament with Fill 3D PETG.

New in our range, Fill 3D PETG. A very user-friendly PETG filament from our own brand that has excellent printing properties. We have various fantastic (transparent) colors on spools of 1 kg. And all at an unbeatable price for the quality. We are very proud of our own brand Fill 3D PETG and hope to offer a high-quality alternative with it. Go for a reliable, high-quality, and affordable filament, choose Fill 3D.

Fiberlogy PCTG filament, the superior brother of PETG filament

Fiberlogy PCTG filament is characterized by a much higher impact resistance compared to similar materials (e.g. PETG). It achieves results of 90 kJ/m2 (PET-G: 5-8 kJ/m2) in the Izod test (notched sample). PCTG is also resistant to higher temperatures (up to 76°C). From an aesthetic point of view, PCTG filament offers a more matte to glossy finish, depending on the print temperature. Fiberlogy PCTG filament is recyclable and approved for food contact (in the Pure Transparent variant). The material is also BPA-free. Like Fiberlogy Easy PETG filament, Fiberlogy PCTG filament is also available as a refill, Fiberlogy Refill PCTG.