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Silk filament & Satin filament

Silk gloss and satin gloss filament for the finest details and dazzling prints. Available in many unique colors.

Fiberlogy FiberSilk is a stunning silky filament with a metallic sheen. Fiberlogy FiberSatin has a more satin sheen and a rougher finish. Also discover the magically glossy Fill 3D Magic Silk filament. It creates a breathtaking effect! It is produced with the highest quality standards. The diameter tolerance is only 0.02 mm. In addition to its eye-catching appearance, this filament is very easy to print and can withstand heavy loads. Details such as curves and corners are emphasized while the individual layers are barely noticeable. Lees meer …

Silk and Satin filaments are both filaments that have a silky appearance and can be used to create 3D prints with a smooth, glossy finish. Here is some more information about each of these filaments:

Silk filament from Fiberlogy is made from PLA and contains special additives that provide a shiny, silky finish to the 3D prints. FiberSatin, also from Fiberlogy, is made from PLA and has a more matte appearance than the FiberSilk filament. The underlying layers are almost invisible when printing.

Fill 3D has its own line of Silk filaments, called Magic Silk. This is a PLA filament consisting of 2 different colors that have a stunning effect. Due to the unique effect, an object printed with Fill 3D Magic Silk filament will have a different color on all sides. If one side is blue, for example, the 3D print will become greener as you rotate it. Fill 3D Magic Silk is available in various amazing color combinations. Steal the show!

In general, Silk and Satin filaments are suitable for 3D prints where a smooth, glossy finish is desired. Both filaments are relatively easy to print and can be used in most standard 3D printers.