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Fiberlogy flexible filament

Flexible filament is highly impact and wear resistant. Ideal for rubber-like objects.

This flexible filament is available in 2 hardness variations, Fiberlogy FiberFlex 30D and Fiberlogy FiberFlex 40D. Fiberlogy FiberFlex filament has been hailed by many makers as the best flexible filament on the market. With Fiberlogy FiberFlex, you can print without frustrations and every project is a success. In addition to Fiberlogy FiberFlex, there is now also Fiberlogy MattFlex 40D. This newly developed flexible filament provides a fantastic finish where the individual layers are hardly visible. Lees meer …

Fiberlogy has various variants of flexible 3D filament on the market. For each filament, the highest possible quality standard is produced. Only the best raw materials are used. This ensures an unparalleled print result. In various independent tests, Fiberlogy consistently emerges as the best and most user-friendly flexible filament.

Fiberlogy FiberFlex

With Fiberlogy FiberFlex, you can print flexible filament without complications. You can choose between Fiberlogy FiberFlex 40D with a hardness on the Shore scale of D40 or Fiberlogy FiberFlex 30D with a reduced hardness of D30.

The award-winning FiberFlex from Fiberlogy is characterized by excellent flexibility, high impact resistance, and perfect adhesion of layers. Even at lower temperatures.

Fiberlogy FiberFlex 30D is a flexible filament that can be processed well, especially by direct drive 3D printers. If you have a bowden printer, meaning the extruder is connected to the hotend via a bowden tube, then we recommend Fiberlogy FiberFlex 40D because it can be pushed through the teflon tube a little easier. Of course, 40D can be printed without problems with a direct drive 3D printer.

Fiberlogy MattFlex

Where Fiberlogy FiberFlex has a somewhat glossy finish, Fiberlogy MattFlex distinguishes itself with, as the name suggests, a matte finish. The individual layers of the print are hardly visible, which gives an incredibly clean result. MattFlex from Fiberlogy is currently available in 5 colors. With a hardness of 40D on the Shore scale, this filament is excellent for printing, even with various bowden printers.